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1. General introduction

The MSI file for Lemma has been developed primarily for businesses and schools offering Lemma to multiple users simultaneously. You must therefore have administrator privileges in order to run the MSI file. For individual installations, we recommend that you select the simple installation option on the previous page instead.

2. Basic MSI installation

MSI files are installed with the msiexec program. For a detailed description of its general use, please go to Microsoft TechNet. These are the basic msiexec installation options:

2.1. Install

msiexec /i msi file

2.2. Repair

msiexec /f msi file

2.3. Uninstall

msiexec /x msi file

3. Advanced use of the MSI file

3.1. Install without interface

As an administrator you may wish to run the installation entirely without any form of graphic interface. This is done by adding /q as an extra argument to msiexec.

3.1.1. Install with basic user interface

msiexec /qb /i msi file

3.1.1. Install without dialogs

msiexec /q /i msi file

3.1.3. Uninstall without dialogs

msiexec /q /x msi file

3.2 MSI features

If you wish to configure the .msi file without the graphic interface, this is done by adding so-called MSI properties as arguments after the .msi file name. The complete list of properties is very long, but the most relevant ones are ADDLOCAL and REMOVE.

ADDLOCAL is a comma-separated list of features* in the .msi file you wish to install locally.

REMOVE is a comma-separated list of features in the msi file you wish to uninstall.

*) Features in MSI are parts of the installation package, which can be selected or deselected for installation. The following features of the .msi file are installed as standard:

  • LemmaFeature
  • AutostartFeature
  • ProgramUpdateFeature
  • AutoAuthenticationFeature

3.2.1. LemmaFeature

LemmaFeature is the actual program and cannot be omitted.

3.2.2. AutostartFeature

Installing this feature will make Lemma start up automatically when the user logs on to the computer. This setting is global, so program users will not be able to subsequently disable autostart. Only administrators can disable autostart, which is done by uninstalling the feature. If this feature is disabled, the user will be able to enable or disable autostart individually.

3.2.3. ProgramUpdateFeature

Installing this feature will activate automatic updating of the program. Note that automatic updating does not require administrator privileges and that updates take place in the background without interrupting the user. Updates are necessary to ensure program stability, and our tech supporters will always ask for the program to be updated in case of problems.

An update will typically retrieve 8-10 MB and take up 20-25 MB once installed. The update is downloaded and installed individually for each user of the system.
If this feature is not installed, offline dictionaries will still be updated.
Omitting this feature is not recommended.

3.2.4. AutoAuthenticationFeature

If this feature is installed, Lemma will automatically authorize computers for offline use. This can be convenient on a large network where all machines are expected to use offline dictionaries. However, if the company has a limited number of offline users, this solution may be unsuitable.

4. Examples of use

4.1. Install with standard features

msiexec /q /i msi file

4.2. Install without autostart

msiexec /q /i msi file
ADDLOCAL=LemmaFeature,ProgramUpdateFeature,AutoAuthenticationFeature REMOVE=AutostartFeature

4.3. Install without automactic offline authorization

msiexec /q /i msi file ADDLOCAL=LemmaFeature,AutostartFeature,ProgramUpdateFeatureREMOVE=AutoAuthenticationFeature

4.4. Install without updates

msiexec /q /i msi file
ADDLOCAL=LemmaFeature,AutostartFeature,AutoAuthenticateFeature REMOVE=ProgramUpdateFeature

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